This is your Super Power

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Time Management

Why you should Specialize and delegate the rest

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing more to take away” This quote might as well be about your career and the necessity to remove responsibilities.

If I could follow you around for one day and record every task you completed or communication you had I would find that 60% of everything you did could have been done by just about anybody. In addition, 35% of your daily tasks could have been trained to be completed by someone else.

Now here is the kicker. You spend only 5% of your day doing something that only you can do. That 5% is your superpower. It’s what you’re gifted at and no one besides you can or should do those things. This isn’t some crazy idea, it’s actually backed up by several studies.

Imagine if the worlds leading brain surgeon didn’t understand this concept. He would dabble a little in surgery (5%) but spent a majority of his time mopping the floors, organizing the instruments, ordering medication, managing the schedules of who was working when. How much would this affect his ability to lead his industry? How much would that lessen the value he brought to people whose lives he was trying to save?

You see the problem is, you’re a high performer. And high performers are good at what they do which results in getting promotions and being given more and more responsibility. So it’s no wonder you never have any time because you’re doing too much and not enough of your 5% superpower.

So the challenge starts with knowing what your superpower is.  The best way to figure yours out it’s to keep a log of daily activities for a week then start examining what can be taught, delegated, and leveraged for maximum impact.  When you find your 5% superpower, run it by a spouse, colleague or good friend to make sure they feel like it’s in true alignment with your giftings. Then focus on that gifting and turn it from 5% to 60% and watch your business explode.

This is Jon Lowrance with One Freedom Coaching reminding you to spend more time on your truly gifted at.